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websites shouldn't give you seizures

i suppose for this one i'll start with my point. i don't care how good any site's information is, if the graphics appeal to 6 year olds, i'm not going to use it. there is nothing more annoying than trying to click on something that is moving, flying, or blinking. there should be certain giuldlines for composing a website, like no pink, lime green, or rainbow text that makes my eyes bleed. i dont want to watch a 5 minute long intro to your site and listen to your favorite song, i just want to read what you wrote and move on with my life. if you've got something good to say, then you should let your words speak for you, rather than letting 600 pictures and moving text alienate people from your site. i just want to see plain, readable text. anything that could potentially give me seizures is out.


Websites shouldn't give you seizures... and neither should book covers (Hot Text).

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