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Mrs. Wright, I applaud you.

"I know what stillness is."

Would identifying with someone keep you from turning them in for murder?
I sure hope so!
Repeating this line twice and then elaborating on Mrs. Peters' indentification with Mrs.Wright was a little much in the way of showing some identification, but it was likable none the less. I like the repetition, and I like the way Mrs. Peters zoned out it the whole "horror movie flashback" kind of way. Very classy.
It's not everyday you get housewives banding together to secure the fate of a comrad. I'll tip my hat to any overlooked housewife with a repressed sense of rejection and a longing for a better life.
Kudos on taking care of that Mrs.Wright.


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Really good point, Michael Poiarkoff.

I didn't even realize the repitition of the line until reading this. It helps me connect to the personality of Mrs. Peters, knowing that she spaced out when she recalled on events from the past.

I agree with you, Mitch. I tip my hat off to any housewife that wants to better their life.

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