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Harvest Five Grain

"One of the most memorable figures of Shakespeare's tragedies is King Lear, wandering madly through the raging tempest. The debate over interpretations of the play is well known: pagan versus Christian."

I don't necessarily argee Kennedy on this one. There may very well be ellusions to both pagan and christian religion, but i would not go as far as assuming cordilia a christlike figure, or agruing the religios symbolism of king lear. I believe that any piece that has every been written can somehow be interpreted in a religious manner. If someone looks hard enough, they can find religious symbolism in anything. There is a religious influence in king lear, but only to a certain point. For a moment i can let kennedy's agrument sit with me, but i don't think i can be convince on this one.


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I don't know. The article makes a pretty convincing arguement. Granted; it is a weak one. You can find religious allusions in most literary works. But I can see how the author of the article would reference Cordelia as a Christ-like figure. She took punishment for something she believed strongly and would not back down, just as Jesus died on the cross and wouldn't back down from his beliefs no matter what people said.

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