Chaos Mirrors Chaos

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"Only chaos truly mirrors chaos."

Keesey (81)


This quote was taken from Keesey's idea that poetry builds in a bit of a chaotic mess, has a mid point and then begins to sort itself out as it ends. Or at least that is his very basic idea. And I agree that most poetry is like this. It builds into a frenzy and as you descend you take meaning with you. But what is truly interesting about chaos mirroring chaos is that our minds are chaotic. How many people think linearly? I've been told numerous times that I tend to jump topics in social conversations. I get distracted by what's around me. I get distracted by listening to people because something they say often triggers some sort of prior knowledge or emotion. Sometimes poetry doesn't make the least bit of sense until something clicks, whether it is something you heard or something you finally saw after re-reading the piece for the umpteenth time.


Greta Carroll said:

I agree with you Michelle, who does think completely linearly? And I think part of the reason so many people like literature is because of its ability to mimic this chaos as Keesey observes. And when we do finally get that “a-ha!” moment when we understand the poem upon a re-reading it makes things feel less chaotic in a lot of ways. Just like life, things can seem such a mess, till something happens and then it all falls into place. You can even apply the same idea to Literary Criticism, it can seem like chaos, till we get that moment were things fall into place.

Katie Vann said:

I agree with what both of you said, but I can't remember for sure if this quote was written during the part where Keesey was talking about how some writing reflects the real word. If people are experiecing chaos in the real world, then the writing should not be about chaos, but should be chaotic.

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