Political Obedience

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"Political obedience is supported here by the conjoining of hierarchy with the uncertainty which undermines personal moral judgment."

Yachnin (43)

Doesn't it seem like political obedience usually goes hand in hand with weakness. If people are unsure of themselves they are much easier to control. Prospero doesn't seem to have trouble controlling people, like when he manipulates Sebastian. And throughout history, strong leaders emerged because of their certainty that what they were doing was the right thing to do- superior personal moral judgment.


james lohr said:

Political obidience is not necessarily weakness, but allowing political oppression is. I always found it funny that if one man and his army usurped the king and his army, it was God who ordained it. Yet the original king was given his rank because he was chosen by God. How many sides does God fight for at one time?

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