Write The Key To Your Subconscious

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"For in the imagery and characters of great works, in the green gardens and wintery wastelands, in the questing heroes and menacing villains, and in the archetypal patterns of their actions that form analogies to rites of spring and rites of passage, to cycles of death and rebirth, we recognize, usually at some subconscious level, the images and actions that haunt our dreams and that form the substance of our psychic lives."

-Keesey (131)


I believe not only as readers, but as humans we have these images, symbols and ideas already in our subconscious. Writers provide the key (words) to unlocking what's buried inside our minds. Remember the first time you read Harry Potter (hopefully before the movie) and you formed an image of who Harry was to you? Or what Hogwarts looked like? And somehow you knew Dumbledore would die, just like Dr. Jerz said? I think all people have characters and places like the above stored in the depths of their subconscious and when we read a story versions of our own characters, places and ideas mesh with the author's words and a unique experience is created every time we read something. That's what I call reader response.


james lohr said:

Nicely worded, and i have to agree. I think somewhere in our genetic code we are hardwired to imagine. We are hardwired to create, and as such even without stimulus we imagine characters, and settings, and plots. I have heard that the difference between those who love to read and those who do not is simply that those who love to read, envision the story. I have talked with my wife about this and she is not a reader, she has told me that she doesnt like to read because she sees the words. I on the other hand see the image created by the words. Im not reading about a ship, i am standing on deck, looking over the shoulder of the main character, i am an omnipotent being able to spin the scene and see it from all angles. I am in the story, and that i believe is why i have fallen in love with both writing and reading.

Jenna said:

I agree with you that we form imagines of the stories in our minds. Sometimes when I read a book and then watch the movie, I am often disappointed with the movie because I created better images in my mind.

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