Raw Emotion Means Lack of Respect

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Byron's first article immediately made me  think of one of the news casts I saw the day after the LA Fitness Center shooting in Pittsburgh. It was either Channel 4 or Channel 2 news and the reporters were getting statements from people who knew the victims. All of a sudden a woman was on the screen saying, "Nu uh! No way!" The reporter had just told her one of the dead victims was her neighbor. The woman yelled for her husband and was in obvious shock. I was appalled and immediately turned the news off. According to Byron, what I witnessed was "reporters [that] want to capture emotions so badly, they completely forget any notion of allowing privacy or personal dignity to grieving victims or their families."


I agree with Byron and I think the TV news is out of control. It really is easier in this century to go online and get the facts. If we don't watch TV news then there won't be reporters infringing on people's privacy to such extremes as the above. Emotions aren't going to influence me into watching your news station. I want facts and I want to come to my own conclusions. I am lucky enough to have the ability to check my facts and my news. I would rather do the research than be subjected to TV News drama-that's why Days of Our Lives is still on the air after 44 years. Get your raw emotional fix from actors and let victims have their dignity.

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