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Double Gs are trapped in their idea and can't get out.

Gilbert and Gubar, ''The Yellow Wallpaper'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

What was Gilbert & Gubar's point. Besides pointing out that men and women react differently to imprisonment, I don't know what was happening. How does this relate to the mimetic idea? They were all over the place; transcendence, anorexia/bulimia. What is going on.

Eventually it becomes obvious to both reader and narrator that the figure creeping through and behind the wallpaper is both the narrator and the narrator's double (Keesey 262).

I was waiting for them to talk about cutters
since they seemed to bring up every other terrible thing that a person could do/go through. I don't know what to make of this other than I feel as if these women need I hug. I'll give a hug. Love yourself.

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Dave Moio:

I think I used the same quote in my entry on this essay. My reply was something like, "no duh!" I could not find a single unique or thought-provoking idea in the essay.

Well, let's consider this first: Mimetic Criticisms look at the importance of realism or morality in a piece of literature. How can the imprisonment of the main female character be associated with mimeses? Because of the concept of rest treatment, and how many male physicians felt that this was a legitimate treatment. I agree with you that Gilbert and Gubar were all over the place, but considering the importance of morality, what is the moral message that anyone should get out of The Yellow Wallpaper? Not only that, but how is the character relatable to the women of society, and why was her characteristic traits so believable? I think that there is a relatable piece of reality behind this story. As for morality, I am still searching for a moral meaning behind this story.

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