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Repeat after me

McDonald, ''Reading The Tempest'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Considerations of political and artistic re-creation lead us back to the poetry of The Tempest, for the stylistic and structural repetitions engage the audience textually with the same problems of authority and power that dominate political interpretation (Keesey 107).

So Mr. McDonald is in love with the wording, and if one is to be in love with the wording, why not be in love with Shakespeare. I liked this article, kind of. I enjoyed the way Mr. McDonald explaind the word play. The fact the Shakespeare was purposely repeating himself to create this atmosphere for the audience was something I really never paid enough attention to see, let alone would have known on my own. So that was nice to learn something. But the thing I didn't get was how he, Mcdonald, took a minute to get to his point. I know he needs to build up some excitement, but come on man, get to the point. I want to read someone's essay to explain the stylistic interpretation of McDonald. Everytime he would get going on an idea, bam, here goes an example of it in something other than Shakespeare. Dude, your killing me. Oh well, wah on me, I'll stop complaining.

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I've heard of Shakespeare being hypnotic, but I guess McDonald just wants to prove it! I empathize with you about the essay... kind of crazy... but I'm glad we read it since it's kind of fun to think about Shakespeare choosing words to hypnotize his audience, haha. :)


The repetition, like mentioned earlier, shows a sense of power and authority that was common during the time period considering the political obedience.
I wonder if he repeated words not only for the specified reasons, but if he did it deliberatly because of the emphasis of obedience was so overwhelming?

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