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The softer side of feminism.

Donovan, ''Beyond the Net: Feminist Criticism as a Moral Criticism'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Feminist criticism is rooted in the fundamental a priori intuition that women are seats of consciousness; are selves, not others (Keesey 225).
By far nicer than Ms. Kolodny. Ms. Donovan really made it clear that females are people not 'Other(s)'. I thought the softer tone made her point more visible then Ms. Kolodny, who was loud and mean. See, men are sensitive as well. Seriously I get the point, I feel for you, sure no one wants to be objectified. But how much more can we complain about the male ego from the begining of time that felt superior to women. Who tried to dominate them whenever they got the chance, even in print. Doesn't this get old. Rehashing these bad memories. I think/hope we can reach a point where we no longer have to keep arguing the point because it is no longer a point. Can we all be equal-at least in text?

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