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You spin me right round Lit Crit, right round.

Now I'm suppossed to talk about what critics/theories I've read so far that have stimulated me the most. Or something like that. Well there really isn't one simple answer that I can give. The immediate response I had when I started reading these critics was wow. All these critics have these firm beliefs that they are right. Maybe they are. See thats the thing that draws me in each week. You read these critics and even if you positively disagree with them at first, by the time your done reading, and writing about that idea you can find a little bit of in agreeing with the critic. Now I don't mean that you will all of a sudden change your perspective just because of the argument presented before, I am saying that once you look at it from a critical standpoint you can see the validity in their reasoning.
The One critic/theory that really had me thinking was E.D. Hirsch, but it wasn't his essay it was Allen C. Austin's Toward Resolving Keats's Grecian Urn Ode. I found that Austin did a wonderful job explaining the way one would go about using the theory Hirsch came up with. He did Hirsch better than Hirsch did himself for me. At first I thought this Authorial Intent was pure speculation, and to some extent I might still think that. But it was this essay that had me think that maybe you could find this motive if this was applied correctly. It seems like a lot of work, but I think that thing that stands out is how deductive it is. nce you get to a point you can just look at all the ideas and break them down to find the real idea that the author may have been going for.
Enjoy the rest of the carnival, hopefully there is something out there that will open your mind.

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