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I felt like I had seen this happen over and over

Scott, dir. Blade Runner (Director's Cut) -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

So I watched Blade Runner the other night and throughtout the movie kept thinking that i knew what was happening. I had not previously watched the movie before, yet i felt as though I had. From the start of the film with the eye being magnified-I immediately thought of 1984, A Brave New World, the movies, The Island-, They Live, the feeling of someone/thing always watching your every move. As for the movie I felt as though the movie followed the diagram of a sci-fi movie. bad guy/thing-good guy/thing, switch roles, hero, anti hero-only this time no real happy ending. I thought it was very Minority Report/a little I Robot, mixed with some Total Recall-let me know if there were any I missed. I can see how this would/will fit in with Freud's Uncanny

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We mentioned "Total Recall" last night while we were watching the movie. And on my blog (http://blogs.setonhill.edu/TiffanyBrattina/020239.html) I talked about the eyes as well. I was so obsessed with them.

I never thought about comparing this movie to "Minority Report" at all. In that movie eyes are important as well for identification. I can most assuredly see your connections here. What is it with futuristic type movies and using eyes as a form of identification? hmmm.

(PS If you read my comment on Vanessa's blog you will see that I did make the Sci-Fi connection although though my dad instead of on my own.)

Blade Runner had a huge effect on the science fiction movie industry. The idea of humans creating robots who show more humanity than their creators goes back to the 1920 Czech play "Rossum's Universal Robots," which is where languages around the world got the word "robot" (which is from the Czech word for 'menial laborer').

Blade Runner's impact is not only on other movies, but on the individual and how we think about other life (artificial or real) on Earth. The question "what if" always sits in our minds because of the impact of these movies, and I think that Freud could also have something to say on why we think like that. I personally really loved The Island, and now that you mentioned it, I really see multiple relations between the two, except the ending to the Island is so much better. Sorry Roy Batty, but you just expiring on the ledge was really one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen. I would really like to mention that this was a really really good selection to write a psychoanalytical criticism for multiple reasons. This was one of those papers that stuck out in my mind, because I already had a thesis and an antithesis already placed. The relationship between The Uncanny and Blade Runner were very useful toward this literary argument.

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