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Mo pomo please.

Berger, Postmortem for a Postmodernist -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

But isn't it illegal to abuse a corpse? Of course it is. Nothing-I really found this book absurd, not in the genius way that Pale Fire was either.
"there are no facts, only varying interpretations of the world. Nothing has a single meaning: things must be understood in terms of the many different ways that exist of looking at them. And the more perspectives you have on anything, the better it is, because that means you can have a deeper understanding of it." (Berger 61)
Ok, so as I was looking over all the mini definitions that were scattered throughout the book and i kept coming back to this from Foucault. Which seems to me like were talking about intertextuality/historical again. Having more perspectives could be having more of a collection to compre/contrast with. Historical-having a feel from where things came from. All this seems to fall together somehow, yet sem some different. Can there be postmodern criticism? Wouldn't criticism be a modern approach?

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Personally, I think this book is particularly exaggerated in a sense that real people aren't that cruel. O.K. maybe I wrong with that statement, but people are usually not that open about being that cruel. Remember when Dr. A told us that the ego, superego, and the id are always fighting each other. The characters are always fighting with there desires, themselves, and the readers. How are they fighting with the readers. By pounding in our heads the theory of postmodernism, they draw us closer to them. But like the antihero, pushes us away from liking them. At the end when the killer(s) were never found, I felt cheated. I wanted to trust characters, but due to the ignorance of the murderer(s) indenties there is on obvious fact...

In a postmodern world...no one can be trusted.

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