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So now I'm back to holding my breath.

This is why I am mad.

I thought this was going to be settled by now. I mean how hard is it. Agree on the deal, it is pretty reasonable and move on. Don't like the deal, then sell the team to Mark Cuban, I'm sure he'd buy them. He loves the team, their age makes them competitive for years(barring injuries), and the energy in the city surrounding them make them sure money in the new arena.So why isn't this working. Money. Money and pride. See Lemieux wants to look good, and to do so the team must stay in Pittsburgh. Right, he is the savior of hockey here. But he still needs to get paid. So sell, and sell to Mr.Cuban(I still wish he owned the Pirates, can you say contender?). But he doesn't really want to do that either, why-Lemieux's greedy, he wants his cake and wants to eat the whole thing in front of us fans. Lemieux wants the glory, he needs to be the savior of the franchise and if he sells to Cuban he will lose his title. Cuban's a Pittsburgh guy, he can save the day for the hometown team, and Mr. Lemieux will quietly go back to Canada. It's about face time, and Lemieux is the face and there is no way he could compete with Mr. Cuban's intensity and love. I love Mr. Lemieux and I will argue that he by far had the better overall career than Mr. Gretzky (seriously there is no way Lemieux didn't have a better career, just look at their line mates and the teams they played on-enough said). I'm not saying that they can't co-exist, they can. Mr. cuban just needs some getting used to, but he is one of us, Mr. Lemieux-you are one of us as well. Make the deal. Mr. Cuban will solve the arena problems, players will continue to want to play with the young talent we already have, and we'll be able to retain them when it's contract time. It's win-win, why not.Look we gave the Pirates a stadium and for what? Make this work. Keep this team here, there is no way they can ever be called the Kansas City Penguins. Say it aloud, see it doesn't roll off your tongue as nice. I'm mad and feel betrayed. I went when they weren't winning, I go now that they do. They want my deposit for next years season tickets, well I'm not paying unless that comes with airfare for the flights back and forth between Pittsburgh and Kansas City. I don't know what I can do to keep them here. But I know I won't be quiet about it. So I'm screaming for help. Please help. I know you will, unless you live in Kansas City and then you just want to take something away from me. Hell I bet you can't even explain icing-didn't think so.

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