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Blog Carnival Topic: Fan Fiction.

Where/how does fan fiction fit into this crazy world of literary criticism? I can not say I know exactly where it fits, but here are my thoughts on the topic. I think that this type of writing is more audience driven, or audience as context/reader response. These are written by the fans of either a show or book of a specific genre. They, the writiers of the fan fiction, know the topic and are taking a different approach from that of the original author. These new authors are bringing in aspects that they, as an audience, wanted to see. The audience is taking over. This is their way of either continuing a story, or recreating an old one. The hero and villain can switch roles, or they could face new opposition. There are no rules. They are making them. Now I could be completely wrong and just making it up as I go, but I honestly feel as though this genre of writing is more reader response than some of the others.

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It took me awhile, but the cover entry is up! Thanks for joining in: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/DianaGeleskie/020732.html

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