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Guetti, ''Resisting the Aesthetic'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Now, although this translation works well insofar as it makes fairly consistent sense out of some highly "overwrought" figural language, some interesting resistances turn up the minute we return to the actual figures.
Translation: since I have no clue what I am talking about I will confuse you more by trying to actualize something fictional. Actual figures on the urn? Have you seen the urn? Really? Tell me more. WhaGuetti! I don'tGuetti, I don'tGuetti, I don'tGuetti. Is she really talking about the urn as real. I will say no more.

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Mitchell, I think that Guetti is trying to say that if we searched for an answer ourselves, that we would find one on the urn. We are not reading the urn, so we can only engage with what Keats is interpreting on the urn. I discussed more about it on KEVIN HINTON'S blog, and he posed a question that could be very helpful toward finding a possible solution. I said that it would only make a small difference if we read the urn ourselves, because we would only be interpreting what it means, rather than finding an answer. I do not think that we will have an answer on what the urn means, regardless of if we read it, or if Keats reads it; we will only have a deeper interpretation. I really hope that helps, but if not, check out Kevin Hinton's blog, I think that will do some good for you.

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