November 11, 2004

Girl of the Golden West

Dr. Jerz pointed out that melodrama was used in this text. It's bascially the good guys vs. bad guys. He also mentioned to pay extra close attention to the stage directions in the play as well. In Sara Remaley's presentation, she defined melodrama is a term that comes from "music drama" where music was used to create and increase already existing emotions for people. "The Girl of the Golden West" takes place during the Gold Rush era, these character personalities go along perfectly. During this time, there were bandits, the good guy, the girl everyone's after, saloons, chases, gambling and drinking. All of these things added up, can heighten our interest because of the pure drama behind it all." I liked the way she summarized the genre of the play and how she focused the basic elements of melodrama.

In Janice's presentation, she gave a summary of what happened in the story. This was helpful to me, since the class didn't read the text due to unavailability. I was able to picture the characters and action that took place in my mind. I know the two main characters: Jack Rance and Dick Johnson. I liked the way Janice commented on Rance: "...When I first read about him I felt that he was the cocky, "I'm the Best", has to have what he wants guy."

In Zach's presentation, I liked about how gave the description of David Belasco and the setting of the play. It made me realize how the characters acted during to the time era. When I read the play, I did realize how Rance stated the Girl's name Minnie only about two or three times throughout the play. If Rance would have addressed her by Minnie instead of The Girl; I don't know it would have made a difference. She would have rejected him anyway.

So, basically the story revolves around three main characters; Jack Rance, Dick Johnson/Ramerrez, and The Girl. The other characters are just part of the story, but are not as significant. It's a triangle, that two guys want the girl, but The Girl rejects Rance and wants Johnson. However, after she finds out the truth about Johnson, she is hesistant for awhile, but finally decides that she wants to be with him the rest of her life. I thought that Johnson wasn't going to live anymore, because of Rance and his posse, but fortunately both Johnson and The Girl live happily ever after.

The only thing that I noticed and I didn't understand was the Girl's attitude. The Girl knew that she wanted Johnson from the moment she saw him; however when Johnson tried to come close to her, she backed away. I didn't understand why she would do that. If she knew that Johnson loves her and that she loves him, when why did she initially back away from him? It took awhile before she was close to him.

The place Cloudy Mountain in Calfornia sounds like a real place to me, due to the fact that many of the states in the U.S. have very odd city names. This name in particular sounds nice compared to the other names that some cities have.

Here is a link of some odd city names in the states and in some countries.

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