Historical Perspective on Video Games

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I have a few comments to make on this:

1.   On the slide "What is a Video Game," should we add "Requires a Cell Phone?" or "Requires a GPS?" I think in the future, games will be able to be played on almost anything with some sort of a screen or viewing area. 

2.  On the slide "What About Simply Game," if a game didn't have rules, goals, scoring, competition and winning, would it be a game?  I don't think a game needs all of these, but it must have some.  Imagine a golf game where the player just kept hitting the golf ball into the air over and over again.  Would this be a game? 

3.  I actually saw something I knew - Giligan's Island.  I didn't watch it a lot, but watched it enough to know who the people were.  


Derek Tickle said:

Hi Nancy! I really enjoyed reading your blog entry because of the bulletted list that you have provided. For your first point I agree completely. I think that cell phones and GPS should be listed as having the ability to play video games. For example, cell phones have the option of playing games on them such as tetris. For your second point, I think defining what is a game is a good question. I think that even if a game does not have rules or anything, like the tennis game, it can still be consider a video game. But that is a good question that can be debated among many people. And for your third response I also have watched Giligan's Island and knew some of the characters. Good connection with the text!

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