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I was looking forward to playing my 2nd computer game.  After about 1/2 hour, I never made it out of the bedroom.  I tried walk, run, exit, leave, sit, stand, put on jacket.  Can someone give me some words I should use?  It would be nice to at least get out of the bedroom.  

I can relate to how interactive fiction computer games would be interesting if you knew some words to type to move forward in a game.  Are most code words the same? 

If I ever get out of the bedroom, I'll post more and let you know what I thought of the game. 

Reflection -

I haven't had much time to re-play the game.  It's difficult for me as I do not know any text to type in to
play.  But, I can't say it is all my fault.  I had my 18-year old son in the room trying to help me and he
typed the exact same words in as I did and got no farther than me.  I wander how far we would have
gotten if the game had a joystick (which I can't use) or a hand-held game operating piece like Super
Nintendo.  Text games may not be for me or my son.  After reading about the Colossal Cave, I've
picked up on some good text words to use, so wish me luck on my next text game.  Both Derek and Professor
Jerz left me good comments on ideas on how to play the game better.  I'll keep you posted. 


Here's a good guide.

Sometimes these games are good to play with someone else in the room to bounce ideas off of.

Derek Tickle said:

It is very interesting how IF games use there own special language. I also looked at the website and found it very helpful when playing the game.

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