Interactive Fiction - Galatea

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The first time I played this game, it ended after about 8 minutes.  The game said I should spend more time interacting with it and that I should have touched Galatea.  I'm going to play it again!

Second time playing - I am into way more than I was the first time.  I am standing toward her talking about the marble she is made of, how the artist carved her and what she thinks of the carving.  We discuss her hair; her clothes (including her green dress); her shoulders; her eyes; her fear of the drill; gods; secrets and so on. Another 15 minutes and I still am not at an ending.  What's nice about this game is it seems easier to play and the Adventure one I first played. 


So... it's amazing what 25 years of history with a genre can do! There are about 40 endings. I haven't reached even half of them. I think my favorite is one in which she comes off the pedestal, and you sit down side-by-side with her and the game says you go on talking for a long time.

Derek Tickle said:

I thought that this game was very interesting. Isn't it amazing how this text-based game can lead to so many different conclusions. You have listed some very good questions to ask Galatea. I had never thought about her eyes or the fear of the drill. I have listed the link to my blog entry where I talk about psychology as part of the game (I thought you might like it)

Derek Tickle said:

I am also listing my reflection because I thought about some more questions such as "How long would it take to complete all 40 endings?"

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