Jerz and Adams, "Storytelling in Video Games"

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I listened to approximately 15 minutes of the audio and at the point when Professor Jerz was talking about how the programmer had to reconfigure grammar in programming the game, I lost the audio, so I didn't get to hear the bear joke!  It was interesting listening to some history on computer games.  The only computer game I've ever played was one I sampled for Professor Jerz a few weeks ago.   I didn't know commands or words to type and I played terribly.  Therefore, the phrase "computer storytelling is about what the player does" is very true.  But, the player can do more than just play the computer game.  The player can keep a tablet nearby and create a drawing of the whereabouts of the game; the player can list all of the people in the game and make a list of key words and phrases.  Had I done this, my experience in computer gaming might have been better. 


That's right -- mapping out the area and taking notes was a big part of how these early adventure games were played.

Here's a direct link to a small file that has the bear story.

Derek Tickle said:

That's a really good way to put it. I never thought of mapping it out by using a tablet and drawing the whereabouts of the game. I really enjoyed listening to the audio from the conference. I thought many parts of it was funny and enjoyable to listen too! Good idea, I had never thought about writing the experiences around me for the game.

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