Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave

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After reading this article and looking at the pictures, I do believe the game is based on the actual cave.  If Bev Schwartz's knowledge of the game could get her out of the cave, I am a true believer.  Maybe, someday, a firm date will be able to be established for the inception of Adventure by Crowther.  It's a very interesting story of how Crowther, going through a divorce, wanted to create something for his children to play.  It's amazing that he could create this game based on going through a cave.  I've never been caving and, even though I'm not claustrophobic, I don't think I could do it because of the bugs and snakes.  The story also shows that the cave was home to a copperhead.  The pictures are amazing!  A question to all cavers - do you worry about parts of the cave collapsing and not being able to get out?  Are there other video/computer games based on real places?  


Derek Tickle said:

I agree with you Nancy because I think the game is based off of the actual cave too. I also think that Crowther going through a divorce was interesting too because maybe his life was like going through a cave. It could have been a dark and deary adventure? That's just an educated guess. It is also amazing that he could create this game by going through a cave. I would have the same worry about the cave falling down. I noticed that Dr. Jerz had a tight fit in between the rocks in one of the pictures. I would be too worried to go through a cave, but it seems like a great experience.

I was following along behind a caver who was a little bigger than me, so I could fairly easily tell myself that if he could get through a passage, I could too.

Something I noticed on the trip... the cavers never helped each other up. They gave all sorts of advice about where you should put your foot and how you should shift your weight to get up or down a tricky spot, but nobody actually gave anyone else a boost or pulled them up a ledge. I'm sure if I asked for help they'd have offered it, and I felt completely safe because they were so patient with my total lack of experience, and they had no agenda other than to show me the cave... it was really a great experience. Yes, there were a few heart-pounding moments, but man oh man was it worth it!

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