Strong Bad on Video Games

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I really enjoyed watching the animation.  At the end of the animation, I played the 4 games.  My Head a Splode on the first one; the Rhino didn't get fed; I didn't do good at Dungeonman; however, I played the maze one for a few minutes and got to level 6.  This must be from playing Pac Man so much when I was younger as Pac Man was a maze.  Animation is a fun way to learn and be entertained.  


Ashley F said:

I don't think the maze was as hard as it was fun. It was enjoyable racing for time since the obstacles were not so hard.

Nancy Fry said:


The maze was fun! It was a lot more fun that the Adventure text game (which, by the way, I'm still stuck in the bedroom). Did you ever play pac man?

Ashley F said:

Yes, I love it. I still play it online.

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