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September 26, 2005

Tribune Review August 30th Edition

When we did our media comparisons, there were two feature stories in the August 30th Tribune Review that did not appear in either broadcast or internet news. One was CMU researchers detoxify toxins; the other Pittsburgh’s Chinese reflect on growing economic clout. The China article attracted my attention because I not only spent a few months in China but I also find China’s economic power more threatening than its military power.

Irregardless, it’s interesting to review them again with a more critical approach. The lead Jennifer Bail uses in her CMU article is straightforward. It reads:

“Carnegie Mellon University chemists say they have discovered a safe and environmentally friendly way to destroy toxic man-made pollutants released by the dye and pesticide industries.”

Bail’s next paragraph, the nut graph, identifies the toxin and tells the reader why he or she should care. It also identifies the researcher and where he presented his findings. Some of the information in the nut graph could have been in the lead but Bail chose to keep the lead plain and simple.


The other journalist, Violet Law, is more creative with her lead. It reads:

“Wenfang Tang often marvels at the progress his native country has made over the last quarter-century.”

The next paragraph starts with a quote from Tang and ends with some biographical information. Another quote does not appear until the sixth paragraph.


Posted by NancyGregg at September 26, 2005 4:54 PM