Communion with Others

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In "How to Read Literature Like a Professor", Thomas Foster devotes multiple chapters that explains how communion between others is a basic and fundamental experience. Communions can allow you to learn more about a person, as well as over see a disability that a person may have.

The author (Thomas Foster) gives a summary of the story "Cathedral" written by Raymond Carver. As a high school student I focused on this story and how important sharing a meal with others can be. The story showed how the main character was able to oversee the blind man's disability. Through eating the meal he saw him as a regular guy just like he was. Foster quotes in his book, "eating as a fundamental element of life."

If you look into your life, you can see how fundamental sharing a meal is. Think about your first date with a person. I would guess that a majority of you would say that dinner or some sort of meal was included in that date. So even little things that people overlook may be important in life. For example, on this date the choice of food that the other person chose may have importance. Other examples where sharing of a meal is important are holidays. Families are brought together to share a meal with the family they may not have seen in months.


Alicia Campbell said:

I found Foster's take on communion to be very true as well. In fact, when he stated, "the act of taking food into our bodies is so personal that we really only want to do it with people we're very comfortable with," it made me laugh. I recalled several instances in sitcoms and movies where someone mentions the reality that most women leave hungry after a dinner date. This situation portrays Foster's thoughts exactly, and I can definitely relate. Although I seem young, I have dated and I can recall people I did not necessarily feel comfortable eating in front of, even after dating them for quite some time; and if, after some time, you still don't feel comfortable doing something so ordinary yet essential as eating, then that is probably an indication that the relationship won't last.

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