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"The tractors came over the roads and into the fields, great crawlers moving like insects, having the incredible strength of insects." Steinbech pg 47

I love the visual that this sentence of the paragraph makes me get. It makes me think of these green tractors with wings. It paints a very interesting picture in my head.  I believe that Steinbech makes this paragraph so vivid so that people can get an image of what the characters in the story get to see when the tractors are brought onto the farms.  The author uses words such as "crawled" to give the tractors an animalistic appearance. The tractors show the readers the effect that the bank is having on the life styles of the community at this time in the book. With the use of descriptive language, the reader can more fully understand.  If you can compare some great insects to the tractors, what do you think of? I think of a prey mantis, with its long legs and the weird shape of their bodies attacking its prey with all its might. What insects do you picture when you read this section of the novel?

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Rebecca Marrie said:

Worms are the first insect that comes to mind. Like agricultural tractors, worms create a new planting ground for crops. Worms tunnel deeply in the soil and bring subsoil closer to the surface mixing it with the topsoil. Slime, a secretion of earthworms, contains nitrogen - an important nutrient for plants.
The main goal of worms and tractors are so similar that "Earthworm Tractors" is the title of a 1936 movie,

Justin Iellimo said:

How about locusts. Maybe not so much visually, but symbolically. The tractors come in such great numbers and they have such devastating effects on the landscape, whether good or bad, like locusts. Perhaps thats what Steinbeck meant on page 47 when he described the tractors as having "...the incredible strength of insects."

April Minerd said:

I picked up on a lot of congruence with the story of Israel chronicled in the Old Testament. Another classmate, Rebecca Marrie, blogged about the parallels to Exodus' plagues: if you think of the tractors as locust the similarities become even more striking.

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