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"Here's what I think: weather is never just weather. It's never just rain."  Foster pg. 75

This is a fundamental statement that everyone needs to understand. The past two classes that we have had, we have been looking into and interpreting poems and one thing that most of these poems have is weather or seasonal elements. Interpretation is such an important thing when reading a piece of work. When looking at weather, rain could mean many different things, or even set a mood.

In The Great Gatsby, there is a scene when the narrator is walking outside of his house and there are vivid images created dealing with the weather. "The sun shone again" for example, may mean that something good had happened. In this case, it was. Gatsby and Daisy had met for the first time in over 5 years. Right before that quote, it had been pouring down rain and that could possibly mean that there was nervousness or some sort of problem when they first met, but after a while the mood in the room got better and then the weather changed.

So the weather is just not the weather is can mean 100 different things and needs to be looked into when you read.


Nikita McClellan said:

I completely agree with you. The weather does have as lot to do with it. Funny though, I know i never thought about until this book. I don't know how it was for you, but now it seems so obvious.

Rachael Sarver said:

Could the rain also have a way of foreshadowing? If Gatsby and Daisy's first meeting is shadowed and drowned by the rain, does this mean that their relationship is doomed? I think weather can not only set a mood by speak for itself; give its opinion on the plot and the characters.

Julianne Banda said:

I agree with you, setting should always be taken into account. However, I think putting a whole chapter in a book that is meant for college level kids makes me feel almost stupid. We start learning about setting in elementary school when we first start actually reading stories. It's almost like Foster is trying to sound smarter than the people reading the book, he seems almost arrogant.

It's pretty awesome that an author can install little things like weather and we can associate it with sadness or happiness or death or life. When you think about it, there are a lot of things that carry positive and negative connotations. For instance, in music, when you hear something in a major key, you think 'happy' but when you hear something in a minor key, you think 'sad.' Fitzgerald does a great job, especially in that passage, of making it convey the emotion that goes on during Gatsby and Daisy's reunion.

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