Child innocence

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"Your clear eye is the one absolute beautiful thing." Sylvia Plath "Child" on page 216.
Plath gives me the idea that a child is so pure and she wants to give that child everything that is good. The only thing is, a lot of things in life are not so pure. The child as it stand at the moment is still pure its "clear eye" has not seem corruption. And that is what is beautiful to Plath. 
She wants everything for this child it would seem to me but she will be unable to do everything. Unfortunately the child will grow and see both good and evil and the eye will no longer be clear. It will be filled with knowledge and no longer innocence. 


Rosalind Blair said:

I got a lot out of this interpretation because while reading I did not think a whole lot about this poem. I can see how the innocence of the child is what made it so beautiful and pure to Plath. I wonder what she will think of it once it gains more information about the world around it...

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