Huck Finn's Turning into a Good Egg, and Maybe Running Away has Helped Him form His Own Identity. Maybe We Should All Get to Run Away. And Not to the Army, Either.


On page 478 of "Adventures of Huck Finn," Huck makes the decision to tell Mary Jane about the stolen money.

"I says to myself, I reckon a body that ups and tells the truth when he is in a tight place is taking considerable many resks, though I ain't..." This is a really long paragraph.

Through running away and keeping himself free from adult rule, Huck forms his own moral conscience. Huck is not a bad kid, in fact, he may be the complete opposite. In this scene, he puts himself in complete danger by ratting out the Duke and the King.

We talked earlier about people being scared of letting boys read this because it might inspire them to be bad, but Huck is not bad. Huck might lie quite a bit, but this is for his and Jim's own safety. Running away seems more and more appealing to me.

But if I go missing in the next few weeks, please come looking for me, because if I do run away, I'll let someone know. And if I disappear, it'll be because someone has taken me.



lol.. we will make sure to alert the authorities at any inkling of your disappearance.

Your right, Huck is not bad. I think it is not so much the fear that young boys will be inspired to be bad but that they fear they will be inspired to be free spirits-making their own decisions and seeing the truth on their own terms.
Or even fear that they follow their hearts and possibly get hurt in the process as they learn on their own that life isn't filled with easy decisions.

I do not think Huck is bad either. As Americans, we tend to root for the rebel. We want necessary change more than we care about maintaining the way traditional society should be. If he is doing right, even if it affects others negatively, then so be it. Morality should reign here.

Change would sound appealing for most people. The society should never be left the same. Tradition in some cases will transform into something completely different. Free spirit in general should not be considered horrible.

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