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Article: "Say It Again, Jim: The Morality of Connection in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

Author: Laurel Bollinger


Fact: Sets self up for argument: Huck has strong ties to both Tom and Jim, making choosing between the two of them very difficult. (This is probably something we can easily agree upon)

Opinion: The problem of the ending stems from the consistency of Huck’s moral choices. (Opinion because it does not have any supporting information [yet])

Judgment: Huck cannot call for a doctor until Jim suggests because doing so through Huck’s own will would be personally jeopardizing Jim’s safety. (An informed opinion. Works because it contains and is followed up with evidence and support)

Citation: Bollinger uses sources for supportive quotes and for ideas to build and branch her article off of. (Good method of advancing argument of a paper. She backs everything up with close readings from the original text)

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