The Envoi of How to Read Like a Professor


I'm glad this Foster guy's book was pretty good. Otherwise he might look silly when he says:

"Instead I would like to address my envoi to the reader. You've really beenvery good about all of this, very sporting. You've borne my guff and my wisecracks and my annoying mannerisms much better than I have any right to expect. A first-class audience, really."

To quote my friend Emily: "You don't know my life! You haven't seen what I've seen."

But really, this Foster guy is okay. And I understand the apology he inserts in the paragraph he's chosen. It sits there just in case someone wants to call him cocky or really has had a problem with his humor.

We're done with this book now. But I'm gonna keep it a little longer. Maybe forever.


I agree, Foster was ok, why else would he have addressed his envoi to the reader?

Yes, It was indeed a great run.

P.S. How sweet!..."forever" lol

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