Editorial Bias and Exaggerating Problems

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 A huge issue in today's news is the focus on negativity. As the text describes, if 95 out of 100 people agree on something, the news will focus on the dissenting 5. There is "too much opinion" in the news today. News ought ought be hard facts, starkly black and white.
Negativity is the driving force of news. It's not news that the 95 agreed. It's news that some people didn't agree, that those 5 had problems with the issue at hand. News is not the mundane, the general comings and goings of the majority. Making news is showing a difference of opinion. In this, negativity improves the content of a newspaper. It is when this negativity shows due to the journalist's opinion that we encounter a problem. No news journalist outright says, "This is what I think about the story I am covering." However, the journalist often lets their opinion leak out in their characterization of the people they are writing about. If a certain project is being covered, a journalist for the project might call it a "campaign" or "crusade" or something positively similar. However, a journalist against the project might call it something more negative.
Journalists need to watch their words and remember to only report the facts when writing any piece other than an opinion piece. There is a section for everything in the media, and the guidelines of these sections need to be adhered to. The best advice in the reading is to have others read what you have written. If they get a certain vibe from it, then your opinion has been inserted and needs removed. The news media does not exist to sway their audience. It exists to inform so that the audience can make their own decisions.

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