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December 6, 2006

End of the Road

Throughout EL236 I've come to be a little more fond of my blogging and have a new appreciation for the correct ways to write ont he internet. I'd like to take you all through what I have learned in the past semester.
First, introducing those new to the class to the blogging community here. I know as a Freshman I didn't get it either, but I am glad to see Jeremy, Tiffany, and Kathleen embracing it. I was always happy with the amount of comments I was receiving in this class also.
I high enjoyed the readings at the beginning of the semester also. being introduced to the myspace culture, the debate of online classes, and wikepedia to name a few of the readings; really opened my eyes to how the online community is effecting us in all aspects of life. I think I related mostly to the project of builing our own websites. I was slowly learning how do HTML ut I got the hang of it. My website was nothing amazing, but an accomplishment to me nonetheless. with the help of HotText I was able to accomplish more than I thought I could.
Moving onto a harder part of the semester for me, was the IF game experience. While it was something I didnot understand, I tried to embrace it by learning the hows and whys of gameslike Galatea , HHGG, and pick up the phone booth and die. While this part of the semester seemed kind of foreign to me I've tried mybest with it. Lori has been a real help to me with the IF games and without her i'd still be lost.
With all the skills and knowledge gained, th end of the semester is summed up by our final project. With the enhancement of my website I hope to end this class successfully.

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