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October 6, 2008

E 405 - response to the Taylor blog and Cochran blog

I wish I could pick just one quote to use as an agenda item. But I cannot. This blog entry seemed just chock full of too much to talk about.

Ms. Taylor remind me of how some people come into the new media journalism program here at SHU. At first it seems like "how is this to relate to journalism?" In her case, it is how will the original ideas and mediums of journalism be able to relate to the new age of journalism and technology that comes with it (i.e blogs, online papers/articles).

I think she needs to open herself up to the old school rules and blue prints of what made journalism what it is today and put it where it is today. She complains of having to bring a copy of the New York times to class because is bulky and journalism classes in NYU tend to have their students do this. She should be happy she has an award winning paper to look at and use in her classes like a text book. Most journalism classes at some point require a compare or contrast of print to online. I wouldn't mind if in newswriting or writing for the internet class, we looked at one media or the other. It is a form of teaching and learning in this field. You cannot more forward without taking a look at the past. Without a paper like the NY Times ( which I find offers a great selection of online sites and articles) maybe there would not have been the writers who thought up her precious blog.

Not to bash on blogs or new media. But the public needs to see how both old and new news media play a big pat in journalism. Taylor makes a good point when she says that in the next few years people will be looking for writers who can write an online style and use online tools. The need for print writers still is there though too. I feel it is another tool in getting news to people. What we learn here in the SHU New Media Journalism program is not fluff. Though many of us are even having issue with the relevance of some of what we are learning in this class, the skills we gain cannot hurt. Just using an academic blog in the past 3 years for me, has helped me hone my skills in online writing.

I feel that Taylor really needs to open her mind and eyes to how she perceives journalism. No profession gets anywhere without paying respect to the styles and people who came before it. If the New York Times kills some trees to bring people the articles and writers they want...so be it. If blogs on facebook and Mashable make serious writers seem different...oh well. You cannot please everyone all the time, but you can learn from eachother if you open your ears, eyes, and mind.

I think Amanda Cochran had it right in her response. She pointed out what anyone else in this class would point out. That our experience with new media classes and traditional journalism classes has done good for us as writers. We allowed ourselves to be emersed in both the past and future of the profession. Maybe Taylor should try a schedule like ours?

I would really like to discuss these blogs in class further....I think they could bring on good discussion

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