Hide Your Hispanic Children From the Bad World!

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                 It’s reality. Everyday, at any given moment, something bad happens. People die, cars crash, stocks fall, fights are thrown, and you can insert the next negative comment. We only know about these events because the media reports them. It’s their job. So if that’s how they bring home the bacon, why do we throw a fit after each news channel airs? The public fears that newspapers only report on the bizarre, violent, and upsetting occurrences in our world and never focus on the “good” news.  Truth be told, the media is simply trying to report the story with the interesting story line. Everyday a plane will land safely, but it’s that one plane that didn’t that will make the evening news. I feel the reporters are doing their job, but they could do better at increasing dialogue with readers and connecting with the community.

                  Those who probably hate the media more than average Joe would be every other ethnicity. It’s no secret that every time a shooting or robbery takes place in an area like the projects or inner city, and black male is typically pinned as the suspect. Hispanics and Asians are become part of the controversy too. You see the typical news reporter as a white male. We can’t deny racial barriers are still present in this nation. The problem though becomes are the news reports just luck of the draw, or is there a racial pattern that arises. It’s a fine line not many people wish to cross.  However, something as simple as displaying more diversity in the journalism field could smother the issue at hand. What would be the problem with an African American women reporting on a black teenager going to jail for rape? The controversy will always continue.

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