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Everyone hates a good secret. My mistake, they hate not knowing the secret. This same concept applies for the newspaper industry as well. Printing a anonymous source only raises more eyebrows to the situation at hand. 

In the article, a good point is brought up when it says, "Journalists must stay loyal to the readers and not the source." The purpose of a good article is to get the news out their to the audience. They're the ones needing to be informed. Leaving an anonymous quote out there in the open draws in more questions from the readers. It brews an unsatisfied taste in the readers mouth. The sources privacy should not be an issue in this case because they were willing to give the quote. You need to know what you're going to be dealing with before you speak on a subject. A journalist has a repuattion to uphold and an audience to entertain. Feelings are thrown out the window. 

Another issue needing to be addressed however, is the accuracy of the Journalist when printing the quote. To miswrote or carelessly use the quote of a source could question the professionalism of the journalist. In order to attract the source, they must correctly use their quote. Another part of the reading I enjoyed was "if I'm quoting someone, I want them to pick up the paper in the morning and say, 'Yea, that is exactly how I feel about it.' "I can't begin to describe how irritating I would get when a reporter misused a quote of my re-accounting a field hockey game. Not only was their information incorrect, but it drew a negative reaction I would have to endure from my peers. This situation weighs the value of the reporter and will follow them throughout their career. So, to keep it simple, nothing is private in the media world, so be prepared for conflict. Because unfortunately, the media feeds off of conflict.

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