The Interview: Handle With Care

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Their footprints are silent. They move with the shadows wordlessly making their way through the crowd. Their hearts are filled with ice and will never be lightened. No emotion crosses their face. All they want is the truth to spill from your mouth. Sympathy is an unfamiliar enemy to these creatures as a helping hand will never be offered. You speak. It’s on the record. The journalist is satisfied.

            People think this is really how a journalist functions. That all they want is the facts and your emotions mean nothing to them. And they just might be right. A lot of what you see on the nightly news regarding death, suspense, and shock has the ability to draw emotion for the viewer. This is mainly because emotion is pouring from the torn interviewee. The journalist interviewing the distressed knows they’re getting the information they want because the victim doesn’t know how to deal with the questioning.

            Some people go as far as considering this as assault. I believe it’s just poor professionalism displayed by the journalist. It’s one thing to dig deep into your developing story, but there’s a fine line that need’s to say untouched. A journalist needs to respect the person and understand they are not prepared to deal with the media. If not, then journalists put the stereotype on themselves.


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