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The most important thing I’ve learned in Media Lab, is the role of a Journalist is a heavy burden to bear. While reading the Haimen articles, I’ve determined journalists will always be criticized, but what makes a good journalist is the ability to ignore society and simply report the news. I can practice this by becoming more daring and challenging with my stories.


A concept I would like to see a future class of Media Lab cover is a class solely on the ethics of a journalist. Most controversies occur because the flirtation journalists have with the ethical boundaries. I feel like these tough decisions need to be thoroughly examined in order to get a future journalist more comfortable with their future line of work.


Ethics and Journalism, there's a paradox. That's not really a fair comment, but there are some crazy things going on in some papers ands news rooms, and you're right, ethics ARE very important.
Journalists are the publics' link to the rest of the world...

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