Kryptonite of a Journalist

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Let’s jump back into the significant flaws every journalist seems to have. The first flaw; the inability to stay unbiased. Journalists are the only people in society who are frowned upon once they speak their opinion. This is a valid accusation considering the reason for the news is to get the facts and only the facts. However, subconsciously, we all add our opinion into nearly everything we discuss. So to ask a journalist to remain unbiased is like asking the pope to stop wearing his mitre. It’s simply unnatural. A reader could also conclude there is a bias in a story only because it does not sway to their preferred opinion.

            The basis of whether a story exists or not become a issue for journalists as well. When there becomes a situation where stories seem to be slim picking, journalists will sometimes pick a topic they believe to be a story, when in fact, it can’t be defined as one. This happens more when the reporter has strong feelings toward their perceived story. It gives them a motive to report the story, which clouds their journalistic perspective. Another problem is when the same story is drawn out into many different stories. This shows the topic is big, but has begun to lack its character. Journalists should turn to more story opportunities on topic most of society is unfamiliar with.

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