Four Score and Seven Years Ago... Life Still Wasn't Fair


Fairness is a virtue that lives on a controversial level and won't be toppled off. With the freedom of the press being an issue our founding fathers never expected to withhold an overwhelming amount of disapproval, fairness naturally becomes a hot topic when reading a newspaper or watching the evening news. Even though the press is fairly (oh what a pun), new, only significantly dating back to the 1930’s it’s perceived lack of fairness can be traced back to its beginnings.

The two main topics the public sees as being unfairly viewed through the press are politics and race. Politics dating back to the Roosevelt era have always been seen as unfairly reported. It is perceived, still today, that newspapers and newscasts have a slight liberal bias when reporting. In my opinion, it all depends on what your political views are. Obviously if you’re liberal, you’ll enjoy the report and be blinded be any apparent bias. If you’re republican, you’ll feel unrepresented. If you’re moderate, ignore all of this.

On the topic of race, stereotypes have been in effect since we realized there was a difference. It’s an issue that isn’t just seen through the press, but in everyday life. Newspapers reported on the 1960 civil rights because we made it happen, not because they had nothing better to report about. We bring about such news on ourselves in this situation.

Nothing in life will ever be perfect, much or less fair. The press isn’t the only aspect in society that has flaws, so why do we point our fingers to it the most. Like normal people, reporters have opinions. We support our personal opinions and we have the freedom to do so. Reporters are categorized as people. We must evaluate fairness in the world as a whole before we narrow it down to strictly the press.


This is a valid point. I think that most people focus on the press because it is always on the forefront of our minds. It is almost always within view. I think that people should expand their horizons and see society and humanity for that matter through the truth of what it really is.

That would be great, but the problem is we as a society have been hardwired to think this way and changing that will be an extremely difficult task.

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