December 1, 2004

Native American What?

Sorry to the Native Americans that may have a deep appreciation for their works of art - but I just did not care for it, or atleast could not get into it as much as I may have with other works of Literature. For Lit. we had to read some Native American Oral Literature.

The first was "The Killing of Crazy Horse."
From what I gathered about this reading, a great warrior named Crazy Horse was injured and killed after he disobeyed the general's demands to join in on a plot against the government. His body was never found but believed to have been buried along a place called Pepper Creek.

As far as The Creation of the Whites was concerned, I found it to be easier to read and almost narrative like. A young man is confronted by an evil spirit. The evil sprit tells the man that a great reward will be offered to him if he delivers the following 5 things to the white men - these 5 things in which they enjoy (rum, playing cards, a handful of coins, a violin, and a decayed bone of a leg). The young man opened the sack with the 5 things in it and witnessed all the evils that become of people with these "riches" and he realized his mistake of wanting power and the riches.

Posted by ReneeDeFloria at December 1, 2004 12:20 AM