December 1, 2004

The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn aka "Tom Sawyer Was a Pompous Ass"

Forgive the swear word in the title of this blog entry but when little children who get on my nerves (especially around this time of the year) they deserve public humiliation.

Ok ok, so maybe Tom Sawyer of the book Huckleberry Finn was truely fictional but he was still a little piece of shit that as Katie mentioned "needs to be beaten."

First and foremost - - when I don't like something, especially Literature, I'm pretty blunt and I'll rant and complain about it on here. I may have been an English major in the past (now Communication major) but I don't care for Literature and sorry, I didn't care for this book. Not only was it boring and dropped the infamous "nigger" word about 5 gazillion times, but it WAS a waste of time - atleast in my eyes. I didn't care about the "adventures" of Huck?!?! And I surely DID NOT care about the bratty, "hey I'll torture you with my crappy tricks" Tom Sawyer. I think both Tom Sawyer AND Huck Finn deserved a beating. So I agree with you Katie, Tom Sawyer did deserve a beating and if however possible I would have done it swiftly across his bum with a copy of this book.

A prime example would probably be in the near end chapters of this book when the three boys were trying to escape from the shed and Tom was coming up with the most ridiculous ideas to get them out. First he starts by saying that they must saw Jim's chain off of the bed instead of simply lifting it of the bed's framework. In addition they should include Jim's shirt that has his "journal" on it - mind you written with his own blood. Lastly, a nice finishing touch would be to saw Jim's leg off to get him out of the chains. Come on now?!?!? Sick, morbid kids these boys are! All of these examples can be found in Chapter XXXV.

Earlier in the book, before Huck sent out on his adventure, the boys were part of a club that met in the nights. Tom and Huck concocted the idea to kill and rob people - - just another example of how bratty I think these kids are. And who was the master, the head, and the leader, Mr. Tom Sawyer!

Posted by ReneeDeFloria at December 1, 2004 12:42 AM