December 1, 2004

Oh Mr. Corey, I Feel Sorry for You! =(

Of the Folklore selections that we had to read for my Lit class, I found Richard Corey by Edwin Arlington Robinson to be the best one by far. Perhaps this is because I have such a morbid, dark preferance in writing styles.

From what I interpreted of the poem, Richard Corey is a well known, well established man of the town.

The first stanza talks about Richard Corey entering the town. The people look at him in awe. He is quite a gentleman from his feet to his crown. He was very clean and apparently his body type was slim.

The second stanza talk more in depth about Richard Corey's personality. He was quiet at glance, almost as if he wasn't human. The human side of him came out however when he did speak. He fluttered the pulses of the townspeople with a simple greeting as "Good morning." When he walked by, his presence was so overwhelming it was comparing to leaving a trail of glitter and majestic sparkle.

The third stanza touches on Richard Corey's wealth. He was richer than most and even richer than Kings. He was well educated, graceful, and respectful. The whole town thought that Richard Corey had EVERYTHING they ever wanted, so much that they sometimes wished they were him.

The last stanza is the closing stanza. The people express that they are tired of their work filled lives - they go without meat and curse the bread they do eat - they wait for the light of change to make things better for them. On the other hand, Richard Corey went home one Summer night and shot himself in the head.

I REALLY like this poem cuz it is the typical "look beyond what is there" perception of people. Richard Corey may have had it all to everyone else but to him, he must have had nothing all for he commited suicide. GREAT literary work in my eyes, flows nice, has a moral story to it, and makes the reader think.

Posted by ReneeDeFloria at December 1, 2004 1:17 AM