September 29, 2003

Blown Away!!!!

*Calling all emo-core music fans!!! * I just recently received my copy of the new Thursday album (Mucho thanks to Todd of In Sight of June) and I am blown away. If you are a fan of emo-core music, this album is a must have and in my opinon, the best of any of their releases. This album is AWESOME!!!

I'm quite busy this week but I hope to have a review of the album "War All the Time" up in the near future here. Until then I, Rowdy Renee, recommend you go out and get this album! Later...

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Reading into Television Journalism

This is part of an assignment for my Journalism course:

As I've grown to learn more and more about the wonderful and semi-chaotic world of Journalism, I remember hearing from someone that television news is deceptive and sorta fake. As I was skimming through the readings for this assigment, I was intrigued to hear some of the stuff that goes on "behind the scenes" so to say.

I kinda had a feeling that news anchor people were all about driving television news ratings and "oh geez how does my hair look" aspect. But in all honesty, would you like to sit in front of a TV new reporting and see a reporter with their mascara running or their hair all muffed up? Part of the reason I think TV news stations pamper their anchors is because they are kind of like under actors and actresses. Thier purpose is to act in front of the television camera.

All this presented about television news anchors reminded me of a Gus Van Sant movie entitled "To Die For" featuring the actress (and my fav. actress) Nicole Kidman. Kidman plays a women who aspired to someday sit in the achor chair but for all the reasons. She wanted it for the glamour and the "local celebrity" status that it brought.

All in all, I found these readings quite informative and interesting to know some of the fources that drive the television news stations. Scary enough - I tend to want to choose TV news of print media for my news information!

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September 26, 2003

New Show Booked

Howdy everyone!!! Just wanted to give you all a little heads dear friends in the Connellsville based band, In Sight of June, have booked another upcoming show at Club Angels in Trafford, PA (about 20-25 minutes from Seton Hill).

The show will be Saturday, October 11th, 2003 and other bands include: Roxie (of Pillow Talk Records), Flinch (an Ohio based band), and Skafia. So any of you not busy and want to get off the "hill" for the night, I highly recommend you check this out! Later...

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September 24, 2003

Journalism Assignment pg. 161

Here is my answers to the assigment we had on page 161 about discussing the 5 W's and how of leads.

Toxic Flame Retardant Found in Breast Milk

Washington (Reuters)-Several American mothers nursing their infants had high levels of potentially toxic flame retardant chemicals in their breastmilk, a U.S. environment group said on Tuesday. (Yahoo News). Summary Lead
WHO: American mother
WHAT: Toxic Flame Retardant
WHEN: Tuesday (September 23, 2003)
WHERE: Not stated
WHY: Not stated
HOW: Not stated

Airman at Guantanamo Charged With Spying

An Air Force translator at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp for terror suspects has been

charged with espionage and aiding the enemy, officials said Tuesday, three days after

disclosing the arrest of a U.S. Army chaplain working at the same base. (Yahoo News).

Delayed Identification Lead

WHO: An air force translator
WHAT: charged with espionage
WHEN: Tuesday (September 23, 2003)
WHERE: Guantanamo Bay prison
WHY: Aiding the enemy
HOW: Not stated

Barbra Streisand Says She’s Bored by Her own Songs

Los Angeles (Reuters)- Barbra Streisand says she finds listening to her own songs is so

boring that it was one of the reasons she gave up public performing three years ago.

(Yahoo News). Immediate Identification Lead

WHO: Barbra Streisand
WHAT: Is bored with her songs
WHEN: Not stated
WHERE: Los Angeles
WHY: Is bored with her songs
HOW: Not stated

Jen and Ben turn heads at courthouse

HINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Just when you thought it was safe to read the news, Bennifer may be back. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the high-profile couple did some business yesterday at a courthouse in Liberty County, fueling talk of a secret wedding. (USA Today) Immediate Identification Lead.

1. WHO: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
WHAT: Appeared in court to what speculated a wedding
WHEN: Yesterday (Sept. 22, 2003)
WHERE: Liberty County (State?)
WHY: Do some business?

Miss America’s Ratings Hit New Low

Atlantic City, N.J. – Like a lacquered perm on a sweltering summer day, Miss

America’s ratings continue to droop. (John Curran, Associated Press Writer). Summary


WHO: Ratings
WHAT: Miss America Pageant
WHEN: Not stated
WHY: Not stated
HOW: Not stated

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September 23, 2003

A Failure to Mention?!?

Ooops everyone...I forgot to mention the main theme of my weblog. Aside from the fact that it is for my Practice of Journalism course at Seton Hill University and that I will be posting homework assignments, I've chosen to use this weblog as practice for my major.

I have an extreme love and passion for music and... especially entertainment, like movies. I am a journalism major but I am aspiring to become an entertainment journalist and write music and film reviews for entertainment magazines. This weblog is the first stepping stone to my career.

Although I try to be as eclectic as possibly, I am partial to certain genres of the music industry. I do not favor rap, country, or pop music therefore, you aren't likely to hear me talk about it here unless in the negative. Anyways, I just wanted to give a heads up on some of the projects I intend to write about in the future...

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So Sad...

Yes, it is so sad to be a college student. In other words, while one of my favorite bands, Taking Back Sunday, rips into the Pittsburgh venue-Metropol, I sit at home doing homework and studying. I had every intention of going but money plays a huge part as well. I guess I shall have to wait till my boys come back to the Burgh again...this time I will go...

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September 22, 2003

In Sight of June Rocks the House

Hey everyone...forgot to mention my trip to Greensburg's Cd Warehouse to check out my guys in the local band "In Sight of June" this past Saturday. The guys did a superb job performing with the band Flintch. I highly suggest that in your free time you check out ISJ's website's or sample some of their MP3's. Outtie for now...

Look at former site:

Explore Their New In Sight of June Site at:

Listen at:

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For Those Who Care

This is an assignment for my Practice of Journalism class and it is the questions of the Chapter we had to read and write about:

1.Who: The United Jewish Appeal
What: First ever walk-a-thon
When: This morning (Date?)
Where: Springfield
Why: To raise money for The Soup Kitchen, a place where the hungry eat free

2.I think that all of the letters provide an answer to at least one of the six questions however I feel that letter “B” may have done it more effectively. I do feel that all of the leads are lacking a “where” in their leads too. Letter “B” answers the who, what, when, and why but is a little unclear on the where. I don’t feel that any of the leads answers the “how” either.

3.“You may not have to be ripped off by funeral homes. Starting Monday, a federal regulation goes into effect to require funeral homes to provide an itemized list of the services and materials they offer and the cost of each, before you have to agree to any arrangement.”
“You can spend less on funeral home arrangements. After nearly a dozen years of debate over the idea, funeral home directors are required by the Federal Trade Commission to offer a detailed list of cost statements starting today.

4. A nuclear weapon with the yield equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT was detonated for testing on Tuesday just 40 miles from a meeting of pacifists and 2,000 feet beneath the surface of Pahute Mesa in the Nevada desert.

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September 19, 2003

Whoot, Whoot!!!

All Right...I'm thinking I got the swing of things here, thanks to my fellow classmate Sarah! ;) Now if only I could learn how to use color on this site? Hmmm...Any-hu, I'm calling my site "In Sight of Rowdy's Weblog" cuz my friends call me Rowdy and my other friends are in a band called "In Sight of June" therefore I put the two together. Boom, its like rocket science! Anyway, that should just about do it for now! Peace Out!

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Yello everyone...this is my loverly weblog for my New Media Journalism class. Bare with me for I am a true computer illiterate and I fear that my posting will be limited until I get the swing of this. Adios for now...

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