October 29, 2003

I'd Like to Know What is Wrong?!?


In addtion to the possible closing of Oakland's Club Laga and the closing of the Strip's Metropol, I failed to mention that Greensburg's own Cd Warehouse is no longer hosting in-store concerts for local bands. This puts a huge dampener on local bands who rely on such small venues to spread the word of their music. I think this sucks and I was actually thinking of forming a petition to keep Cd Warehouse open and alive. Good times there, good times... :(

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Battle of the Bands :)

My fellow friends in In Sight of June will be competing in a Battle of the Bands contest hosted by Trafford's Club Angels. So far the details of the other bands and start time are up in the air as of now but this is the info so far if anyone's interested:

Where: Trafford's Club Angels
When: Sunday, November 16th, 2003
Cost: 5$ per person, tickets via band members only
Bands: Includes 7 other bands duking it out for the best of the best!

I shall return with the start time and other band info just as soon as I receive it, best of luck to my guys in In Sight if June!

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Shall I Shed a Tear?

I would just like to take this opportunity to share my deepest, heartfelt sympathies over the fact that we students of Professor Jerz's Practice of Journalism class no longer have to read It Ain't Necessarily So. I'm so sad....errrr....ummmm....not really!

In all honesty, I detest this book. My intial impression, judging from the description on the front cover, was that the book would explore and undercover the scandelous happenings of the production of newspapers, news productions, ect. Instead, I felt like I was reading the same chapter over and over and OVER again. I said this in my speech, but there is only so many chapters you can talk about statictics before your mind turns to chicken soup, as did mine. I'm just glad that this is over with, shall I do a virtual cartwheel.

I will give the book this credit: if I had not read it and did my speech topic on Journalism ethics towards abortion, then I wouldn't not have a good, valid research topic! :)

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October 27, 2003

Club Laga - - R. I. P.

If any of you are liking the scene down there in Oakland, you will be dismayed to find out this disturbing news about Oakland's own Club Laga. (Click here for the Post Gazette's Article on Laga) Apparently the club's owner wishes to turn the club into an apartment dwelling complex?

So let me get this straight...the owner wishes to turn a kick @$$ concert venue into an apartment complex? The whole idea is insanely screwy and I hate the fact that I won't have anywhere to go see my favorite bands. Rest in Peace Club Laga - -you'll surely be missed! :(

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October 21, 2003

Maybe It's Just Me?!?

This is in response to It Ain't Necessarily So...

I dunno, maybe it's just me and excuse me French, but I don't know what the hell the authors of this book are talking about. By the time I pick through a Chapter of hard facts, my brain is like a dippy egg. So much that I am flabergasted about what questions to ask. One would think that if this reading confused me then I would be bursting at the seams with questions but as it stands of void of all curiousity. I'm sorry, but I find this book painfully boring.

It is pathetic, but I have only come up wuth one question so far and I think that even it is dumb. But on page 91 of the book (Chap. 5) the authors are talking about the facts of AIDS and infectious viruses. In the almost very last paragraph, they say "If a cure is found for a particular mortal disease, eventuallt more people must necessarily die from other causes." Maybe I'm just dumb, but are they saying that if a miracle cure is invented for one infectious disease then it is good if people are dying from another to prevent overpopulation or something? I don't know, I hate this book!

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October 17, 2003

Halloween Myths of Truths?

After reading the Prologue and Chap. 1 of "It Ain't Necessarily So" I was quite interested in finding out about the scoop on Halloween dos and don'ts.

I searched around a little on Google to see if I could stumble upon anymore truth as to the myths behind the poison trick or treats and I didn't find too much. So I figured, hometown news webpages must be filling their slots with how to keep our kids safe this Halloween. Surely enough, I found some stuff...

On WTAE's site I found some links to articles on how to keep kids safe during Halloween and all that fun stuff. On WTAE's site alot of focus was on the fact that a young boy was killed by a moving vehicle during last year's Trick or Treating. The links I found to Halloween safety included some of the dangerous constumes for children this year, the basic facts of Trick or Treating such as walking where it's well lit, stay on porches instead of going into houses, and of course: BRING YOUR CANDY HOME SO YOUR MOMMIES AND DADDIES CAN CHECK TO SEE IF YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE PRICKED OR POISONED! It doesn't come out and say it like that, but in this article it does make note of that. I just thought it was defianately interesting to see that news organizations are still making a deal of this when in fact, statistics stated in our readings clearly show that the numbers are backing that its a myth.

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October 16, 2003

Wild Weekend Nevertheless

I often wonder why colleges and universities created such things as Fall Break or that eensy weensy break before and after Thanskgiving. Why do we really feel the need to get so overly excited about a few days off when in reality we get bombared with homeowkr to do over break anyways? Just a question to ponder...

Anyways, my Fall Break (or lack thereof) was simply amazing. The best couple of days I've had in awhile. The guys of In Sight of June put on a simply fabulous show as always. It was good to hear that they are breaking out with some new material from their upcoming new release. I'm personally digging "Ian Pronounced Ean (Forever)" myself guys! ;) Great stuff with some definate potential.

My trip to Pittsburgh to see The Juliana Theory , on the other hand, was absolutely insane. I don't even think that fickle is the right word. Nevertheless, the show was absolutely breathtaking and one of (if not THE) best TJT shows I've attended. The highlight of my night would have to be running into the lead singer, Brett, in Irwin's Sheetz after the show. Crazy stuff!

As usual, I'm going to try to write up a review for both shows as well as my long overdue review for the recently released Thursday album. Catch ya around...

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October 9, 2003

Take a Listen Why Don't Ya!

If anyone is a local band addy such as myself check this out. As anyone has know by the frequent visiting of my weblog, I am a supporter of my friends in the local band In Sight of June. If you're wondering what talents they hold, check out their MP3 of a song off their upcoming album...

Listen to "The Leaves"

See them this Saturday at Club Angels in Trafford, PA.

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Greatest Cartoon Ever!

I was just thinking about a cartoon that has been out there for about a couple years now that I just more recently discovered: The Family Guy. This cartoon is hilarious! The first 2 volumns of Seasons 1-3 are now released. If anyone is into splitting their sides or winding their lungs, I suggest you go out and rent these DVD's at Greensburg's Rick's Video.

For a good Fan based Family Guy website click here. Happy viewing! :)

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October 8, 2003

Something Freaky!

Alrighty...nevermind that post below this one, something terribly freaky has occured on my weblog. But I had posted and mentioned earlier about my weekend activities but I guess I shall have to yet again, not that I mind.

Well, starting on Saturday, I'm heading on over to Trafford's Club Angels to see my fellows in the local emo band In Sight of June play with some other rocking bands for the night. Then just when I thought I couldn't let my eardrums bleed anymore...On Sunday, I'm heading to the Burgh at Metropol to see my most favorite band ever: The Juliana Theory. This should be one of the most highlighted and definately the most awesome weekends of my college, scholastic life! Thank God for the creation of Fall Break! I'll definately post my trips to them at a later date. Goodbye for now...

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Sorry, Slight Slip!

Just wanted to apologize for my post having been put on here twice. I was having some difficulty with my blog this morning and I thought it didn't post it on my site so I submitted it again and below this is the product fo my silly slip up. BUT that doesn't mean that the event of my weekend aren't important enough to mention twice! :)

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October 7, 2003

Should Journalists "Lurk" Online?

My guess is, I really don't think that it matters...

When I was reading through this article I thought it was quite fascinating to read about NY Times journalist Jennifer Egan going "undercover" to pick up pieces for her story on gay and lesbian teens. In all honesty, I half expected to see a wicked turn in the story like one of the gay/lesbian teens would try to sue Egan or something along those lines. But do we really think that Jennifer would have been accepted right off the bat if she had entered those chatrooms and message boards saying she was a journalist seeking gay and lesbian teens for an interview on an article she was composing concerning the gay and lesbians teens of America? I don't think so, therefore it is necessary for journalist to conceal their identity until they can get a feel for the online community and in a sense gain trust.

Yes the journalist would be lying to their fellow message boardies and chat room buddies but I think it is okay and ethical if they EVENTUALLY told their identity and eased into the truth. The internet is out there and people lie all the time therefore it is a dangerous combo. But I honestly think that journalists have a job to get done and if they want to lurk online, this is the best way to go about it.

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October 2, 2003

So Sad... :(

Yes...it is true. As I was browsing around on my favorite message board (www.thejulianatheory.com/board) I came across some stressing news: DriveThru Records Band, The Movielife, have pulled the plug on their band and are calling it quits. The guys left a letter for the fans on their official site (www.themovielife.com) expressing their deepest sympathies over the matter. I'm sure they will surely be missed, I know I loved their music!

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AIM - - Don't You Just Wanna Put Your Hands Around It's Neck!!!

Have you ever noticed...you're sitting in a computer lab passing the time between classes and having a meaningful conversation to your best friend on AIM and all of sudden no responds back? Who do you blame, automatically your best friend for ignoring your constant "are you theres" and frustrated "hellos?" But maybe not.

Excuse my French, but it pisses me off that AIM very seldom works, alteast not for me that is. I compare AIM to this little anology. AIM is like trying to drink a thick, Vanilla milkshake through a tiny straw meant for stirring. It goes through eventually but only after you've gotten angry and peeved at it first.

I've noticed that the best way to receive my instant messages is to continually sign back on and off, sometimes the messages that I've missed during a conversation will automatically pop up when I sigh on. Carzy stuff. Anyways, the life's little lesson for today is: never get mad at you IMing partner for its probably the damn AIM not working like it should! :)

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