December 10, 2003

THE Albums of the Year!!!

Ok, the time has come...its' the near end of 2003 and mucho money has been spent trying to entertain this mind of mine. Which means, THE albums of 2003. Here is a list of my favorite and definately the best albums that I've bought over the course of the year 2003. So, you think yours made it...maybe, maybe not.
*NOTE* I am bias when it comes to music and I'm a fan of rock music, therefore if you're looking for something by Britney Spears, Jay-Z, or anything like that on my list, you're looking in the wrong place.
*NOTE #2* A few of these albums may have been released near the end of 2002, early 2003 but I bought them in 2003 therefore they count for me! :)

1. Thursday ~ War All the Time. After being signed to major label Island Records, emo-core band Thursday released their second full-length album. I've always been a luke warm fan of Thursday's stuff after hearing their previous release Full Collapse but this new album is a disk of fire. Simply put: It freakin rocks! All the tracks are easily poetic in their lyrics and the music is just relentless. Rowdy Renee Recommends: Tracks 8 and 9.

2. The Early November ~ The Room's Too Cold. Drive Thru Record's band The Early November released their first full length this Fall and is growing a steady fan base. This album mixes up alot of emotion and tempo while you can feel the word pour off the lead singer, Ace's, tongue. These boys have definate talent and potential, a must have CD. Rowdy Renee Recommends: Tracks 3, 5, and 8.

3. Brand New ~ Deja Entendu. This will be Brand New's second release, a release that most definately turned heads. Their band name says it all, brand new. The music style has drastically changed since their first release Your Favorite Weapon. Another band with genious lyrical writing style. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks 4, 5, 6, and 10.

4. The Juliana Theory ~ Love. Another band this year that has changed over to a major label record company. This time, Greensburg, PA based band The Juliana Theory rides high on Epic Records. This is the bands' 3 full length release and definately the strongest as they seem to re-invent their musci on every album. Love is a perfect example of where the band is taking their music style. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks: 5, 7, and 14.

5. Further Seems Forever ~ How to Start a Fire. After switching lead singer (ditching Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carabba) Tooth and Nail band FSF released their second album. Not a completely different musical sound from The Moon is Down, but the band's lead vocals are entirely different backed behind new lead singer Jason Gleason. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks 2, 4, 6, and 7.

6. Finch ~ What it is to Burn. The only thing burning with this band is this awesome album. Another Drive Thru Record band, Finch blows my mind. A perfect blend of a pop punk mixed with some emo-influnces. You gotta love the blend in screaming. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks: 3, 8, 12, and 13.

7. Taking Back Sunday ~ Tell All Your Friends. In my opinion, one of THE best albums of the year. This band has it all: lyrical geniusness, raging emotion, talent, and ludicris stage presence! There is not one song on this album that bores me, they all hit you in the face and don't let go. There is alot of singing and backing vocals that goes on at once in their songs, which may take some getting used to, but it pulls you in. If your emo, this album is for you so break out the bitter memories and buy this album! Rowdy Recommends Tracks: 2, 4, 5, and 6.

8. The Used ~ The Used. Lead singer Bert McCraken has been rumored to actually vomit during live shows from his relentless screaming and this album makes you wonder if he blew chunks in the studio. Another perfect album blending some slightly poppy music with raging screams. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks 3, 11, and 12.

9. Evanescence ~ Fallen. A very much over played band nowadays nevertheless, they rock. I had bought their CD when people didn't even knew they existed. Amy Lee's vocals are amazing and give me the goosebumps. Thier live show this summer in Pittsburgh was great as they proved to have mind boggling stage prescence as well and musical talent. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks 1, 5, 6, and 7.

10. Coldplay ~ A Rush of Blood to the Head. Need to simmer down, then buy this album. A perfect collection of very melodic music with deep, pondering lyrics. Lead vocalist Chris Martin, draws you into his world with this album. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks 1, 4, 5, and 10.

11. Copeland ~ Beneath Medicine Tree. If you a fan of some Coldplay, you may be intrigued by this mellow rock. I first saw and heard of this band after seeing them on tour with The Juliana Theory. I recently bought their Cd and absolutely adore it. The music is beautifully written and constructed. Rowdy Renee Recommends Tracks: 3, 5, 6, 10, and 11.
As I cannot think anymore, this is a mere list of my favorite albums this year...others include the near misses:

A.F.I. ~ Sing the Sorrow
Matchbook Romance ~ Stories and Alibies
Something Corporate ~ Leaving Through the Window
Blindside ~ Silence
Linkin Park ~ Meteora
Plumb ~ Beautiful Lumps of Coal
Thrice ~ The Artist in the Ambulance

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December 5, 2003

Do Do Dododo...More Than a Feeling!

Can I get a heck ya for the last day of classes?!? This semester has been absolutely grueling! Papers this, tests that, go here, go there....BLAH! Anyways, its Friday and I think I add a whole new meaning to the words FRI or actually FRY cuz my brain is more liquified than a dippy egg (and I think I used that analogy before).

I tried fiding out how to add color to this rather boring black and white blog and my computer illiteracy has just been stampering any chance of that ever happening. I'm a 100% lost cause.

Anyways, here a weird little story for ya. Last night, my absolute favorite wash cloth literally washed down the bathtub drain! Don't ask me how that happened, rags usually catch themselves before they sink through, but it was quite upsetting. That and hearing my mom yell at me wasn't all to pleasant either. Imagine that - - my entire wash cloth went down the drain without a thread to be seen, this is freaky! :o

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More News Coverage

I guess this confirms it...

So, I found this article that definately confirms that Gywneth Paltrow is indeed pregnant to British singer Chris Martin of the band Coldplay. What was under "speculation" yesterday has now been confirmed after her appearance on Jay Leno.

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December 4, 2003

Breaking News Report...AGAIN...

Okay, apparently my other "breaking" news report was done incorrectly so I went and found some other "breaking" news. I have absolutely NO interest in war-related stuff on Iraq or murders that happened down the street therefore I'm sticking to entertainment.

This just in on Google news: 31 year old actress, Gwyneth Paltrow is pregnant to her boyfriend( lead singer of the band Coldplay- Chris Martin) sources close to the actress have said. Read the article here

We'll see if anything surfaces on this "breaking" story of the entertainment biz.

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The Final Day of Cont. News Coverage

After wading it out for approx. 48 hours, I found just another little snippet of news regarding country recording artist, Glen Campbell's, arrest. Apparently after his arrest and charges of hit and run and assaulting an officer, Campbell is thinking of not touring anymore. Read the article here. Perhaps that is all for this story...

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December 3, 2003

Cont. News Coverage...

Hmmm...well, 5:11 PM the same day that Google news released info regarding Glen Campbell's arrest and there is no more information at this time....we'll just have to see about tomorrow's coverage. :)

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Slacked Off, Trying Again

Ok ok, so I slacked off on my 48 reporting exercise given to us before Thanksgiving Break however, it need to get done for my Portfolio so here goes once again...

This is some interesting entertainment news I found on Google concerning a country recording artist charged with hit and run but blaming his drunkeness on the anti-anxiety prescription Lexapro. Read the article here and the follow up article here.

Not too sure if anything will surface over the next 48 hours or not but we shall have to see. Perhaps he will slug out another person?

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December 2, 2003

Well this just Sucks!?!

Due to the holidays and the fact that I'm a (pardon my French) retail bitch at my job, I'm going to be missing a freaking Juliana Theoryshow. Okay, like what the heck...Renee DeFloria missing a JULIANA THEORYconcert.

Well, actually...I would feel 100% worse if the show was like in Pittsburgh or something but seeing that it is 3 hours away at Dickinson College and I work the next morning at 9, there could be a slight sleeping problem. That and my best friend Samoffered to "road trip" it with me but I insisted that she let her Jeep take a rest. But come on, 5 dollars for a TJT show, I must have a screw loose in that head of mine! :(

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December 1, 2003

Response to Bias

This is in reponse to the reading Bias by Bernard Goldberg...

Ok, first off I'm a little confused. Did B. Goldberg also write It Ain't Necessarily So too. I could have sworn they were both written by him. If this is so, I think that Bias is an extreme difference over that long, boring, and fact infiltrated book entitled It Ain't Necessarily So.

Anyways, I thought Bias was an interesting reading as I often cling to more narrative readings and enjoy them more often over factual "here's this point" stuff. Goldberg paints a picture of his life as a journalist and I really like the examples he used of Peter Jennings refusing to tag on the word "liberal" with the people it applied to. An interesting reading! :)

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