February 17, 2004

Upcoming ISJ Show!

Once again my boys of In Sight of June will be playing a "Heroin Awareness" Benefit show this upcoming Saturday Feb. 21st. Here are the shows details, so head on out.
(And Yes my sister Samy Jo, we will be causing a ruckus! Who better to cause one than with you!) :)

Heroin Awareness Benefit Show Featuring:
In Sight of June
Ben Quick and
Modern Day Urban Barbarians.

4814 Penn Avenue, Bloomfield. (Across from the old 1877).
The Time and cost are still TBA so hopefully I'll know before Saturday comes and goes. Rock on!!!

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February 12, 2004

The Juliana Theory and Epic Records

After being signed to Epic Records for a little over a year, Greensburg band The Juliana Theory have left Epic Records.

Lead vocalist for the band, Brett Detar, made a short comment about the split on The Juliana Theory's message board last night.

"We are no longer on Epic Records. This was our choice. We are very happy to be free for the time being. Epic Records, for the most part, was not a good fit for us.

That's the short story."

Personally I am very happy that the band decided to split from Epic because I don't think that the record label did a good job at promoting them. And besides that, The Juliana Theory and Epic are like oil and water: the two just don't mix. Good Luck to the boys and continued happiness and success! :)

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New Video and Song from The Juliana Theory

Click on the links below to see and hear an brand new song/video for their upcoming album. The song is entitled "My Heart Is a Soldier" and I think it really represents where this extremely talented Greensburg band is headed.


Happy Listening and Rock On!!!!

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February 06, 2004

The Final Further Seems Forever News!

It appears that after weeks of debate, Tooth and Nail Records band Further Seems Forever is backing out of the Tooth and Nail tour. It seems that this band is done and over with, always sad to see things like this happen to great bands. The official statement at the opening of the official Further Seems Forever website reads:
We (Further Seems Forever) regret to announce to you, our fans, that after 3 weeks of trying to come to an agreement between Jason Gleason and the rest of FSF, time has run out. It has become apparent that going on this tour at this time will be much more damaging than uplifting to all parties involved (including the listener). We had hoped that we could come to a resolution in order to bring our music to the people who matter most, our fans, but unfortunately Further Seems Forever will not be on the upcoming Tooth and Nail tour. We hope that all our fans will go out to the shows and support the other bands. We will be posting more positive information about the upcoming record and FSF in general very soon. Please keep checking the site for more information, and we promise that once everything is worked out we will post a complete statement that should cover everything that has gone on or will go on in the future. We truly appreciate all the positive e-mails and undying support that we have received during this trying time.
Thank you and God Bless,


Hopefully the new record, which I have come to understand was recorded when Gleason was still in the band, will still be released. We can only hope...Further Seems Forever....R.I.P.

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February 02, 2004

More In Sight of June Shows

The guys of In Sight of June have another show this upcoming Friday at Trafford's Club Angels. Show information is as follows:

Friday, Feb. 6th, 2004
Club Angels: 330 Briton Avenue, Trafford, PA
Cost: $5
Time: 7:30 pm
Featuring: In Sight of June, In Like Flint, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bootleg Copy, and Nothing Special.

Hopefully, ISJ will make it to this show and not cancel. The last 2 shows at Angels had to be canceled due to problems outside of the band. Let's make it to this one boys! ;) Rock On!

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Mae/Copeland/The Working Title/Slow Coming Day

WOW!!! That is all I got to say. This show was amazing! I was greatly impressed by all the bands there. First to play for the evening was Tooth and Nail band Slow Coming Day. This Orange County California band showed great energy and potential. Lead vocalist, Orion Walsh, impressed me with his depth and emotion.

The Working Title took the stage next and once again I was floored. Their lead vocalist was a true leader behind this band and their stage presence was awesome.

One of my favorite bands, Copeland came on next. They have some of the greatest, most sincere songs out there in the music biz these days. I was definately stoked to hear crowd favorites like "When Paula Sparks," "California," "Testing the Strong Ones," "Walking Downtown," "Take Care" as well as a few new ones. My only complaint of the evening was that Copeland didn't get to play that long of a set. Their drummer was having some problems with his set and that is why they probably had to cut a song or two.

The last band of the night was the headlining band, Mae. I've heard nothing but good things about this band live so I was anxious to see them perform. They were actually a little more mellow and low-key on stage than I expected but they put on a great show nevertheless. I was pleased to hear "Embers and Envelopes," "All Deliberate Speed," "Summertime," and "This is the Last Time" played.


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