March 19, 2004

A Last Time at Laga :(

Tis true...

This Saturday will mark the last time I will ever set foor in Club Laga for a show. This time I'm going to see The Early November with Hey Mercedes, Spitalfield, and Limbeck.

I'm definately stoked beyond belief cuz The Early November is one of my favorite bands and I've been patiently awaiting their arrival to the Burgh. I suppose my wait is over and so is Laga's. R.I.P.

*If I'm not mistaken, I believe The Berlin Project had the last and final Laga show during the first or second week of April....after that I think its doors are closed.

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March 15, 2004

How NOT to Spend Your Free Saturday Evening!

Okay a little F.Y.I. - - this is free advice!

Although some may already know this and could have forwarned me and my friends beforehand, I apologize if you waste YOUR time reading this. The story goes:

My friends and I were debating on how to spend out Saturday evening together since the four of us having Saturday evening off at the same time is an occurance that happens once in a blue moon. The final decision: Hey let's go to Latrobe Skating Rink cuz there is a skate hop and well, heck its only 5 dollars! I was actually kind of excited, I haven't rollorbladed in years and when I did banc in the day I enjoyed it. What better time to spend than with your bestest friends too?

Well the skate hop started at 7 and lasted until 11. (2 hours of skating, then 2 hours of dancing). I wasn't too enthusiatic about dancing but I wanted to skate. Turns out, with our differing schedules and such (and getting a little side-tracked) we didn't make it to the place until about 8:45. That left 15 min to skate and I just felt it wasn't worth it to put on skates at that time. Oh well I thought atleast I'd spend some funny time watching my friends make dancing folls of themselves. When I walked into the skating rink, it was sight that burned my eyes in the back of my sockets! As far as the eye could see there were 12 to 15 yr olds making out, slobbering all over each other, cussing, and trying to act genuinely cool. I almost vomit on myself. "Tennyboppers" was not even the correct vocab to describe the sight that was laid out in front of me!

Between the training bras and B.O. invested children I just about lost my temper. To add further insult, the music BLEW! My friend Amanda and I desperately wanted to run to her car and retrive some REAL music aside from the bubble gum cavities we were injesting. Here comes the funniest part of all! As if were were going to our cars to get drugs or weapons or something of that nature, we weren't allowed to walk past the doorway otherwise we were considered "gone" and not permitted to come back in. I felt like I was back in 6th grade, waiting for my mommy to come pick up my "minor" self. I was livid and I felt like I was at a middle school sponsored event.

To think: I actually wasted 5 dollars to subject myself to that! I hade to work about 45 min at my job to put myself through that hiatus! I'm glad we can laugh about it now but at the time it wasn't very comical. I feel bad for the youth of America's parents...thas all for now.

Thought of the day:
*Beware of how to spend your Saturday evenings!*

P.S. And NO Sam, you aren't to could you have known that that place would have been THAT bad. Therefore, NO I will not accept your apology (there is no need for you to apologize) and NO I will not take your 5 dollars. :)

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March 11, 2004

New Pittsburgh Venue To (Re)Open

Well folks, here's the newest news:

Rosebud to reopen as rock club
Tuesday, March 09, 2004

By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Speculation on what type of restaurant Rosebud would become ended yesterday when it was announced that the former rock club would be a future rock club as well.

Local concert promoter Jon Rinaldo, owner of Joker Productions, has taken over the lease at 1650 Smallman St. in the Strip and renamed it The World.

It will reopen on April 12 with a capacity of 1,000 -- 450 of which will be seated. It will be operated and booked by Joker, which previously placed most of its shows at Oakland's Club Laga, which is due to close on April 1.

The first show at The World will be Sugarcult (April 12), followed by the SKA Is Dead Tour featuring Catch 22 (April 14), Clutch (April 16), Plea for Peace Tour featuring Cursive (April 24), Bouncing Souls (April 28), Suicide Machines (May 7) and Jade Tree Tour featuring Strike Anywhere (May 16). Additional dates will be announced shortly.

Rinaldo said the deal has been in the works for months but was held up while he obtained liability insurance.

Rinaldo said he would be the sole promoter of The World -- making it the first time a major promoter here has operated a club -- and that Joker would book a full schedule of shows of all varieties.

"We're not going to pigeonhole it with a triple A format," he said. "One night it could be Bouncing Souls, the next night Beth Orton."

Rinaldo said there would be both all-ages and over-21 shows, in the new venue.

Well I definately heard that Laga is supposed to be done and over with as of April 2nd and with Metropol and Rosebud now closed, hopefully this will keep the Pittsburgh music scene thriving. Don't forget everyone....Mr. Smalls is one wicked P-Burgh venue too! ;)

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March 05, 2004

The Greatest Further Seems Forever News EVER!!!

It appears that seams have been mended with the Tooth and Nail Band, Further Seems Forever. As it stands, their former vocalist, Jason Gleason, will be leaving the band and after some thought, the remaining members were just going to split and go their seperate ways and start projects of their own. Well this just in on the FSF official site ...

Hello all,

After much thought and receiving countless e-mails of support and encouragement from our fans, we (Josh, Chad, Steve and Derick) have decided to continue writing and performing music as Further Seems Forever. We had previously announced our certain disbandment to start a new project but changed our minds when an exciting possibility arose. We began talking to a singer who we greatly admired and after many phone conversations and meeting him face to face to play music, we have decided to continue as Further Seems Forever.

We are extremely excited to announce that Jon Bunch, formerly the vocalist for the veteran rock group Sense Field, will be taking over vocal duties for Further Seems Forever. We canít tell you how honored we are to have a singer of this quality to make music and inspire people along with us. We have been fans of Sense Fieldís music for a long time and are overjoyed to find out that Jon is not only a great singer and lyricist, but also an even greater person. Jon will be doing vocals for our up-coming album to be released this summer on Tooth and Nail Records. We will be touring and functioning as a working group once again. We appreciate the support of everyone who has stood by us through these recent events and look forward to being back bigger and better than ever. Stay tuned to our website for exciting news and tour dates.

We are just getting started,
Further Seems Forever


This will definately be a HIGHLY anticipated album for many FSF fans! Rock On!!! :)

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No P.A. System -- Sometimes I Wonder?!?!

So the current scoop is...

In Sight of June will most likely be playing a benefit show of some sorts up here at Seton Hill.

Problem Numero Uno: No P.A. System

What kind of school does not have a P.A. System? Only here I guess, its good to know that that rec center is still in progress though. Hopefully all turns out for the best. So far they guys are trying to round up some bands and the subject matter for the benefit show is still being decided. I'll keep ya posted.

On a side note: If you know someone, or you yourself are in a band, and would like to play, please drop me a line. We are trying to get atleast up to 5 bands but nothing over that. Thanks! :)

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March 03, 2004

Possible Benefit Show at Seton Hill


As you know, I keep this blog updated and informed of my friends who are in a local emo band. Well the guys have been trying to set up a benefit show at Seton Hill and so far the outlook is good. The tentative dates that are in decision at the moment are April 16th, 17th, and the 30th. I'll keep this informed on the exact date, info, and such.

Imagine that: In Sight of June at Seton Hill! ;)

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March 01, 2004

ALLLLRight!!! Rowdy Hits a Show.

So the story goes, one of my favorite bands, The Early November, is FINALLY hitting the Purgh on their upcoming tour and I am freaking excited. I have been waiting forever! Thanks to the bestest friend in the entire world (Samy Jo you are my angel) I'll be going to this one with her. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. SWOON!!! :D

I guess I should say a little about the show...

The Early November With/
Hey Mercedes

Saturday, March, 20th, 2004
Cost: $10 in advance (Ticketmaster) and $10 DOS.
Doors at 7, show at 7:30. This is an all age event.

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