April 28, 2004

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

So here's the 411. I have to break up with my weblog. Sure we had some good times and I got to cry on its shoulder a couple of times when the going got tough but we gotta break up. We're just not meant to be together, that's all. Its hard and I'll cherish the memories for always but I have to leave. :( (tear)

Actually that was a little exagerated but I DO have to leave my weblog. And the story goes...with this being the last couple of weeks of school, I get to be up here at Seton Hill less and less which is awesomeness but sucks at the same time. And my lame excuse for leaving my weblog - - I don't have the internet at home.

WHAT!!! Yeah I can just hear the gasps and ahhhhs from the weblog onlookers but one can survive with limited access to technology these days. Hell, I've been doing it for 20 years now. As soon as I get my brand new laptop paid off (which seems like a foreign task right now) I'll be able to get the net at my house and blog more often but for this summer I'll only be able to post sparingly. Anyways, I just thought I'd give a heads up to those who "may" look at my weblog periodically although I know there's only a few of you out there. Au Revoir! (For now atleast)

Dr. Jerz: Please don't shut off my weblog. ;)

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April 23, 2004

Here's to YOU Miss Amanda C.

I would like to thank my French friend (wink wink ;) ) Amanda C. for personally showing me how to add photos to my weblog. It's long since been a mystery to me and she showed me how. So, here's to you...you're very own blog entry dedicated to you! :D

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April 19, 2004


So as it turns out (and I heard this entirely from word of mouth), my friends in In Sight of June will NOT be playing here at Seton Hill on Friday April the 30th. There was going to be a Cancer Benefit show in which the guys would be one of the bands playing but the first excuse was that they were overbooked with bands. Then I heard that they might be able to play if one the one pending band dropped out. Then, and finally, I heard that the show was cancelled completely because there was to many bands and not enough time. So I dunno. Darn, I wanted SHU to be exposed to some ISJ. :( Oh well, there's always the show on May 1st. I'm going though some major withdraw too. (shakes) :)

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April 05, 2004

Hometown Band Makes Music Again!

Any fan of indie hardcore music knows of ZAO. These guys have been through so many records, line-up changes, and the list goes on. But this time around, these hometown boys have a new record label, an upcoming yet un-titled new release, and a supporting headlining tour.

These Greensburg natives are hard at work in New Jersey at Trax East Studios composing their new album. With the release of the album, the guys (with two new members and returning members) will hit the road for an extensive tour with labelmates Twelve Tribes of Ferret Records.

Zao will be appearing at The World in Pittsburgh, PA on June 20, 2004 with Remembering Never, Scarlet, and Twelve Tribes.

Hooray for hardcore!!! :)

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April Shows Brings May Disappointments and Regrets

Here's a couple of highlighted shows that I, Rowdy Renee, will not be attending:

Friday April 16th, 2004
Radio Takeover Tour Featuring:
The Beautiful Mistake
Anatomy of a Ghost
The AKA's
Mr. Smalls

Friday April 30, 2004
Armor for Sleep
Your Enemies Friends
Plus a Special Guest
The World

Saturday May 1, 2004
Matchbook Romance
The Matches
Bleed the Dream
Mr. Smalls

Saturday May 22, 2004
Blink 182 (not that I like them)
The Used
Taking Back Sunday
Pittsburgh Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake


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A Little Angry

So what makes me angry?

Losing sleep....

Well we all do that in college but it ticks me off that I have a 9 AM class on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Welp, woke my butt up at the crack of dawn this morning to get here for that very same class only to find a "Class Canceled" posted on the dry erase board. Now I'm really mad cuz I could have slept. I need sleep. Grrrr...

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