September 16, 2004

The Juice In The Scarlett Letter

Hrm, what to say? Well to be honest, I did not like this novel in the beginning. My intial reactions were that of Boring, Why are there so many paragraphs of description, Does this town ever forget, Will the story ever reach its plot/purpose?

Going into the thick of the book, like Chapter 7-15ish, I started to get a feel for the direction that the book was headed. I started to see alot more conflict arise between the characters. The real scandel was that Hester (the town's damned hoe) had an affair with Dimmesdale (the town's glorified Priest). Ooooo ahhhhh. The result: that 'devil' child, Pearl.

In my Lit class' dicsussion of the book yesterday, alot of the opinions that people said caused me to think. And really to be honest, I was wandering in the middle of the road as to how I felt. As first I wanted to be stubborn and say "Well, hell! I think Dimmesdale is a horrid man. Here he is, still has his reputation, his job, his dignity and he let Hester take all the blame and bear the scarlett letter for 7 agonizing years. Granted the worst possible punishment for him was to have lived with that secret for all that time BUT does that make it right? He should just kill himself...leave a darn suicide note that explains everything (or not) and just kill yourself. OR be a man and confess to the people, lose your respect, your job, everything....after all, it is what he deserves!"

Well that was my initial opinion. Now the more I sit and think about it the more I realize that killing himself and possibly leaving a self-explanitory suicide note would only make things worse for Hester. I believe that that is the last thing he wants to do. Therefore, I'm back in the middle of the road thinking "hmmm."

However, I do have to say this. No, I don't think that suicide is the best option for Dimmesdale BUT I do think that a matter of action is in order. He can't expect to just sit there and wooo the reader into such feelings as "oh well, his internal conflict is all the punishment he needs in his life" cuz that is not the case. He needs to be punished alongside Hester in the crimes that they both comminted.

Although, I will stick to the VERY FIRST initial reaction I had to this book. Perhaps I shall take this one to the grave with me. Why is this town so hung up on a scadelous couple that had an affair and produced a baby? Yeah, given the time period it is a little radical but COME ON, GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

Ok, I'm done now. ;)

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September 8, 2004

What the Heck?!?!

Ok... so I was reading Herman Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-street and for a split second there I almost forgot exactly WHY I loathe Literature. My pea sized brain just isn't meant to understand complex text such as this. Big words, huge paragraphs, too many characters, 23 printed computer pages (the length of this darn thing) and you got me running my finger over my lip like a Neaderathal. <------ And I'm sure I probably spelled that wrong too!

All in all, the plot goes something like this...the narrator, owns a law firm where he employees three men: Turkey, Nippers, and Ginger Nut. Well one day, the narrator hires a man by the name of Bartleby. The narrator is quite impressed by the steadfast work of Bartleby. However, for some odd reason, when Bartleby is asked to do other work around the office, he replies with a dry "I prefer not too..."

Ok, umm yeah. It was ok the first time, the second time, and possibly the third but sorry Mr. Melville, it got old after like the umpteenth time! Throughout this entire story I was half expecting to find something seriously off about this story. For example, unreliable narrator, Bartleby is a loon, or perhaps something completely off the wall like the character Bartleby is a ghost or something of that nature. But nope...I was highly, highly, highly, disappointed to find that everything was just as it seemed. The narrator owned a law firm, hired a man who refused to comply with orders, the man is admitted in the end (or so I think), THE END. I feel like I wasted 23 pages of my entire life, hours of my precious college time, and so forth. *Sigh* I guess such things as Literature will never fully click inside of this brain of mine. Hopefully someday I will understand the full significance and deeper meaning of Literature works as this. :-/

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